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KangZhan 抗战

Commemoration of 2nd Sino-Japanese War (1931~1945)

抗战之我见 (Your opinion)

Submitted by wsh on September 15, 2005 - 10:42pm.

题记: 在"抗战之我见"这个栏目中, 我们将以主动约稿和作者投搞的方式编辑刊登有关抗战主题的文章. 文章的内容, 体裁不限, 既可以是前沿的学术研究或文物文献发现, 也可以是个人对历史的思考或对人物事件的评论, 中英文皆可(因为我这个"主编"只会这两种语言). 总之, 本栏目的宗旨是"研究历史, 以鉴兴亡, 畅所欲言, 检讨得失". 欢迎踊跃投稿. 投搞请寄信至: together@kangzhan.org 或贴在Forum里, 我们会尽快整理编辑斟酌发表. 谢谢. 同时我本人也会就某一问题或事件不定期的出一些专刊"凑数".

Note: In this "Your opinion" section, we publish high quality invited or submitted articles under the theme of Kangzhan. The content and the type of the articles are not restricted, which can either be acedemic research papers or personal views. The language of the articles can either be Chinese or English. In short, the purpose of this section is to "Understand the history, speak out your opinion, know the lessons, and build a better tomorrow". Welcome to submit your articles to us actively. To submit, please email your articles to together@kangzhan.org, or post your articles in the Forum. We will edit and publish them as soon as possible. Thank you. Of course, I will edit some monographs by myself for some particular problems or special events aperiodically.

抗战之我见 (Your opinion)

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