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KangZhan 抗战

Commemoration of 2nd Sino-Japanese War (1931~1945)

Some of the Japanese war criminals

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Hirohito Tennou (Tennou means Japanese emperor) held a decisive role in the Sino-Japanese War and the Pacific War. He can not walk away innocently with his consequential criminal conducts.

Three Prime Ministers of Japan during early invasion of China: from the left, Ito Hirobumi (1894), Tanaka Giichi (1927, his famous "Tanaka Memorial") and Fumimaro Konoe (1936).

Tojo Hideki, who used to serve as an infantry officer, got his promotion to major general commanding the Kempeitai of the Guandong Army through the fresh and blood of civilians in north-east China and his active play in Japan's invasion of China. In 1941, Tojo Hideki was appointed prime minister and took command of the entire Japanese military. After that, he led Japanese forces in the Pacific War and declared war on Britain and United States of America. But after a series of military disaster and Japan's surrender in 1945, Tojo Hideki shot himself as a suicide attempt. He survived and was arrested and trialed later, sentenced to death, and finally executed by hanging as his deserved penalty.

Criminals of Nanjing Massacre (1): Tani Hisao, the Lieutenant General colonel of the 6th division of the Japanese Central-China Expeditionary Army, raped more than ten Chinese women himself during the Nanjing Massacre.

Criminals of Nanjing Massacre (2): Prince ASAKANOMIYA, Asaka Yasuhiko, was the direct inciter of the Nanjing Massacre. However, his severe war crime was not prosecuted because of his royal blood. Actually prince ASAKANOMIYA is the uncle of Hirohito Tennou.

Matsui Iwane, Captain General Commander of the Japanese Central-China Expeditionary, was in charge of Tani Hisao directly during the Nanjing Massacre. Although his role in Massacre is debating, he still had the responsibility that he couldn't well control his troop during the war.

Criminals of Nanjing Massacre (3): Second Lieutenants Mukai Toshiaki and Noda Takeshi made the notorious ‘one hundred killing contest’.

Doihara Kenji, head of the Japanese intelligence department in China, did a lot of notorious assassinations in China. He was one of the direct machinator of 9.18 Incident.

Itagaki Seishiro, head of the Japanese Guandong Army, was also one of the direct machinator of 9-18 incident. Itagaki Seishiro himself was also involed in many major battles or compaigns during the war of invasion to China.

Okamura Yasuji, one of the major war criminals of WWII, got his promotion of General of the Japanese Army in 1941. Actually he had taken an active role in invading China since 1927. He carried out the infamous "Three All" campaign (also known as Sanguang policy) that authorized the Japanese army to kill everybody, burn and loot everything during the “Scorched-earth Sweeping” in order to prevent cooperation with Chinese guerrillas. The picture was taken while he was in trial.
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