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KangZhan 抗战

Commemoration of 2nd Sino-Japanese War (1931~1945)

Updates on the movie --- Nanking (last update: May 18, 2007)

Submitted by wsh on December 2, 2006 - 12:39am.

In this page, I recorded a series of milestones during promoting Ted Leonsis' documentary movie --- "Nanking", a recently produced documentary movie on Nanjing Massacre. This film is based on Iris Chang's famous book, Rape of Nanking, and directed by famous academic awards winner, Bill Guttentag.


* May 4, 2007: Nanking massacre documentary shocks New York audience (May 4, 2007). "Our film, Nanking, drew strong audience reactions in its first two days at the Tribeca Film Festival. It is really an honor to meet so many Chinese Americans at the theater and have them feel so connected to the story line. Many of them hug me and tell me of their own personal connections to Nanking." (from Ted's Take)

* Nanking, The Film -- Teaser (March 6, 2007).

* More updates on the film of Nanking, or check Ted's take.

* December 28, 2006: Got email from peter that the documentary movie "Nanking" "Nanking" will be showing in prominent locations within the Sundance Festival 2007 in Park City, Utah from January 20 to 27. The full schedule is available at the Sundance web site. According to the rules, individual tickets are available until January 4.

* December 1, 2006: Sent a mass email to most of persons I know, ask them to visit the moive's website, http://www.nankingthefilm.com/, and click the button "Please click here if you want to see this film" at the top of the page to support the movie.

* November 29, 2006: The movie Nanking was accepted by the Sundance Film Festival. More detail see here.

* October 29, 2006: At a conference room in a small hotel in Bethesda (Maryland), as the chairman of promoting Leonsis' documentary movie on Nanjing Massacre, I introduced Ted Leonsis to all the audiences on the biannual meeting of Global Alliance for Preserving the History of WW II in Asia, which is also known as 世界抗日战争史实维护会, 简称"史维会". I also met Iris' Chang's parents during this meeting.

* October 11, 2006: I met him (my diary about the first meeting with Leonsis)

* September, 26, 2006: Three copies of the proposal were sent to Leonsis. We got Leonsis's response in less than one week and scheduled a meeting with him.

* September, 22, 2006: Revision of the proposal was done. Thanks owen for his great help in writing this proposal.

* September, 2, 2006: Proposed my idea in Truth Council's meeting. Mr. Larry Wu, the secretary-general of Truth Council, liked my idear very much, and gave me the greatest encouragement.

* August 15, 2006: First draft of proposal came out.

* July 31, 2006: Owen told me the news that Ted Leonsis was producing this movie, and encouraged me to contact him.

--- wsh

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