KangZhan 抗战

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KangZhan 抗战

Commemoration of 2nd Sino-Japanese War (1931~1945)

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War of Resistance (KangZhan)

The pictures shown in this category recorded how Chinese army and people once suffered and fought together to resist Japanese's invasion. 

(The picture on the left of this mettlesome Chinese soldier is extracted from the May 16th, 1938 issue of the American magazine, Life. It is also in this issue where "Nanjing Massacre" was exposed to the public.)

War of Invasion

The pictures shown in this category recorded how Japanese army invaded China and other east Asian countries. 

(The picture on the left is Japanese military flag used in World War II.)

War Atrocities of Japanese Army
(Caution: exetreme cruel photos contained!)

The pictures shown in this category recorded what the cruel Japanese army did to innocent civilians of other countries during the war. Some people may know Nanjing Massacre (also known as the Rape of Nanking). Actually, Japanese army commited many infamous crimes in China as well as other asian countries during the war, Nanjing Massacre was just the most infamous and appalling one.

(The picture on the left shows Japanese army were killing POWs by bayonets after they occuppied Nanjing, the capital of China in 1937.)

War, the end and aftermath

The pictures in this category show what a tragedy the war was for both Chinese people and Japanese themselves. However, It was the Japanese who themselves enkindled this war and pressed it on Chinese and people in other countries. Japan, the empire of sunrise, dreamed to conquer the world, but when he woke up, he found sunset.

(The picture on the left shows a Japanese woman was feeding her baby. Actually both of them were the survivors of the bombing of Hiroshima. You could see on their faces the spots burned by the flame caused by the bomb.)

Most of the historical pictures here are obtained from internet, including Xinhua Net, Dang kou zhi, firing island, Netease, Eastday, and individual posts in wenxuecity, mitbbs, etc.

My sincere appreciation to my friends, Auk, Liujn, LY, Owen, Takemasa, Tangtang, Xiaohu, XQ, Ying, YT and more people who I can't list all of their names one by one, for their warm-hearted support and help on translation as well as editing.

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