KangZhan 抗战

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KangZhan 抗战

Commemoration of 2nd Sino-Japanese War (1931~1945)

About Us

Submitted by wsh on June 14, 2005 - 10:04pm.


2005 is the 60th anniversary of the 2nd Sino-Japanese War (also referred to KangZhan or the Anti-Japanese War).

Even though I was born in Nanjing more than 30 years after the war ended, it has always been an integral part of my life. As I grew up, my first knowledge of the war was “Nanjing massacre.” As I grew older, I came to know more about the war: the 9-18 incident, Marco Polo bridge (Lu-gou-qiao) incident, the Battle of Pingxingguan, the Battle of Shanghai, the Battle of Taierzhuang, hundred-regiment campaign, Wannan Incident, Chinese expenditure army in Burma. The war is a true testament to Chinese bravery. For over eight years KangZhan (War of Resistance), the Chinese strongly and successfully resisted Japanese aggression.

The war remains an intriguing topic for many and scholars who continue debating on many issues surrounding it. For example, one group of scholars argue that we should not have fought the Japanese in 1931 when they invaded Manchuria (a region in Northeast China) because at that time, China was not ready. However, another group argues we should have fought because the Japanese also were not ready. They argue that the easy invasion of Manchuria stimulated Japanese imperial ambitions and Manchuria's resources helped it recover from the 1929 economic crisis.

This debate and many others topics prompted me to spend a significant amount of time examining the Sino-Japanese War. The more I have read, the more I have concluded how significant the war was. The war is an epic and its many heroic stories are touching. I can’t help feeling sad about how we Chinese suffered in this war, but most of time, I am proud of being a member of this brave people, with such a long history, such a rich culture, and so many respectful heroes.

In China, a 60 year period is called one jia-zi (甲子) which means a cycle. Today, a cycle later, several volunteers (Guner, Liujn, John, Ping, Tangtang, Wenbing, Ying, YT, Zhigang) and I (wsh) are building this website to commemorate this great historical event and remember those brave warriors, who ever fought tough battles for China's independence. Our goal is to show resilience of the Chinese people in the face of adversity. China didn’t wait for others' salvation but fought bravely to repel aggression. This war was earthshaking, was time consuming, was arduous, and more importantly, this was a magnificent war that all the Chinese should remember in their minds and be proud of. It is because of the many unknown heroes who suffered and fought together against the enemies with their loyalty, their generosity, their courage and lofty ideals that China is what it is today.

In this website, we try to unfold Kangzhan, this great historical event, in a clear, easy understanding and emotional style. I have four goals for this web:

* Commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Sino-Japanese War and remember the heroes.
* Increase peoples’ understanding of the Sino-Japanese War and make them aware of the important role China played in defeating Japanese aggression during World War II.
* Provide rich materials from different angles. I merely offer a few ordinary introductory remarks and the interpretation is left to the readers. Hopefully, by pondering this material, we can learn lessons from it.
* Expose the infamous crimes which Japanese army committed in the war to Chinese people and people in other Pacific Asian counties.

Sections of the Websites:

Forums: a forum for all who want to express their ideas about this war and other related issues.

History: commentary and historical artifacts (i.e. articles, photos) collected from a variety of online and offline sources. This material presents the Sino-Japanese War from multiple perspectives.

Gallery: historical photographs and paintings about the war. This material gives visitors a first hand look of the events.

Supplements: a collection of good Internet resources on the war.

Your opinion: a section to publish high quality invited or submitted articles under the theme of Kangzhan.

Finally, I sincerely hope this website can make people around the world, not only Chinese, understand how great KangZhan (Sino-Japanese War) was. Also if you are interested in helping us, please contact us by together@kangzhan.org.
Thank you.

July 7, 2005
at PM

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